Obama’s Impossible Immigration Promise

I possess almost mystical patience. I must: I’m an immigration lawyer. Twice I voted for President Obama. I donated to his political campaigns and rejoiced in his inaugurations. Even as other supporters started abandoning him because of policy disagreements, I remained a believer. Finally, however, Obama has torn my patience to shreds. How? By spouting immigration law nonsense.

When it comes to immigration, Obama is like a deer in headlights. He doesn’t know which way to turn or whom to appease. This week, he’s an immigration conservative, assuring the country that most of the young, desperate migrants who recently crossed our border will be deported. As Obama undoubtedly knows, this is sheer speculation, unrooted in fact or law.

There are many ways that children can qualify to stay in the United States. It is impossible at this stage for Obama to know what proportion of the recent migrants will win the right to remain. Children who have been abused, neglected, or abandoned in their home countries may be entitled to Special Immigrant Juvenile status. Victims of human trafficking can obtain “T” visas. Victims of certain crimes may apply for “U” visas. Children might also qualify for asylum due to certain dangers in their countries of origin. This list is not exhaustive.

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