“Best as a professional and a person”
— Mulugheta

Testimonials & Cases


Laura Murray-Tjan is a competent and passionate, understanding lawyer. Laura got my citizenship after being deported and now I'm back in the USA with my family. Laura is the most down to earth and reachable also will provide true and what can be done in a case. I'm so grateful to have Laura Murray-tjan as my lawyer and I recommend Laura at a thousand percent.

— darwin

Laura is the best lawyer hands down and very knowledgeable. I consulted with many other lawyers before they were really expensive and only cared about the money. Thank God I found Laura. She was very straightforward with my case. I lost hope and never thought I'd be a green card holder today. She worked on my case in a very timely manner, not even two weeks later after she submitted my paperwork my green card was approved. I highly recommend Laura!!!

— belinda

Attorney Laura is very professional and very easy to get a hold of. I hired her and she started working on my case right away. I was previously deported, she worked with my criminal attorney to get my criminal case vacated and reopened my immigration case. She is very good at what she does, she was there for me through the whole process and even went to USCIS with me to get my green card stamp. Bottom line is if you have immigration issues and want to stay in the USA Attorney Laura M Murray is the attorney you need . Thanks to her I got my green card back and could move on with my life in the USA .

— al

Laura is the best professionally and a down to earth person as well. She takes a job seriously and doesn't stop until her work is done and she is straight forward. If it can't be done she will let you know and that's why I say she is the best - her honesty. 

— Keito


Another client receives a Certificate of Citizenship years after deportation

The client was deported to Haiti after the Board of Immigration Appeals incorrectly denied his citizenship claim. After a successful motion to reconsider and federal court litigation, he was able to return to the United States, and subsequently received his certificate of citizenship and US passport.

Administrative processing completed; Immigrant Visa granted

An Iranian client's immigrant visa (green card) had been held up for more than a year in "administrative processing" when FIAP took his case. Soon after we filed a petition for a writ of mandamus in federal court, the State Department emailed that administrative processing was finally complete. Some weeks later, the client received his immigrant visa.

After years of detention, a US citizen's rights are vindicated

FIAP took a case in front of the Board of Immigration Appeals for a client who had been ordered removed. We argued that he was a derivative U.S. citizen and that prior counsel had been ineffective. The Board remanded on ineffectiveness grounds, and the Immigration Judge found that the client was a U.S. citizen in remanded proceedings. Instead of being deported to his country of origin, the client is living in the United States and has a U.S. passport, a certificate of citizenship, and a $275,000 settlement from the Department of Homeland Security.

Naturalization granted after earlier denial

A naturalization client contacted FIAP after USCIS denied her application based on a finding that she had abandoned her residence by spending more than six months outside the country. FIAP assisted the client in developing a record showing that she in fact did not abandon her U.S. residence. As a consequence, USCIS changed its mind, and the client is now a U.S. citizen.