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In-Person, Skype/Video-Chat, or Telephone — FIAP's clients are in multiple U.S. states and foreign countries. We are therefore happy to offer video-chat consultations and meetings in addition to our in-person services. Telephone consultations are also available but not always recommended. 


Naturalization — The firm has enjoyed unusual success in naturalization applications, including complex cases involving eligibility challenges (e.g., continuous residence, criminal history, good moral character). 

Derivative Citizenship — FIAP has written extensively about this complicated area of immigration law and achieved significant victories for clients in federal court. In some instances, FIAP has secured the return of citizens who were wrongly deported, and prosecuted damages claims against the U.S. government. Many individuals have derived citizenship from their parents without knowing it. In some instances, a parent may even have derived from a grandparent, and unknowingly transmitted citizenship to a child born abroad. Please contact the firm for more information about this specialized practice area.


Family-Based Petitions — The firm has significant experience in family-based petitions, including immigrant visas and adjustment of status, and has won waivers of admissibility in very challenging cases involving alleged fraud, crimes, and prior deportations. This practice area includes applications incident to status (advance parole, employment authorization, etc.). 

Humanitarian Law — The firm is nationally known for its deep experience in humanitarian law, including asylum and refugee-based applications.  Founding attorney Laura Murray-Tjan began her career as an asylum attorney, and has represented and advised clients from countries around the globe, including in West Africa, East Africa, North Africa, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, East Asia, the Caribbean, and Latin America.  Her fluency in French has been helpful to this practice.


Federal Court and Board of Immigration Appeals — FIAP offers exceptionally skillful appellate litigation services, before both the federal Circuit Courts of Appeals and the Board of Immigration Appeals. Services are available in a broad range of substantive areas, including citizenship law, the immigration consequences of criminal convictions, and asylum and refugee law.  The firm has won petitions for review and/or motions to reopen in all of them.

Federal district court

Mandamus, Federal Tort Claims Act, and Immigrants' Rights — FIAP has litigated, co-counseled, or advised on multiple federal district court actions involving the Mandamus Act (to compel agency action), the Federal Tort Claims Act (requesting damages), habeas, and other substantive areas, resulting in significant benefits to clients. Benefits have involved resolution of administrative processing, collection of financial damages, return to the United States after removal, and release from custody. Please contact the firm for more information. 


Advice — FIAP has advised hundreds of immigrants and criminal attorneys on the immigration consequences of criminal conduct. Advice ranges from eligibility for naturalization or lawful permanent residency to risk of deportation and strategies in criminal court.

Testimony  — Attorney Laura Murray-Tjan's expert testimony is available in oral or written form, and has proven invaluable in Padilla motions. 

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In certain particularly urgent humanitarian situations, the firm provides services on a reduced fee basis. Reduced fee services are limited to appeals and federal court actions, with a preference for citizenship cases.